Collection: The Bait Shop

Because someone's BAIT is someone else's LOBSTER.

Here is what you will find in Sandy Toes THE BAIT SHOP.

New and never worn products. This ain't a vintage shop, sorry.

Items that may have been stained and washed ONLY ONCE. 9/10 times due to me accidentally getting pen ink on it and 1/10 times by spilt coffee at markets, because spilt coffee happens at 7am.

If there's a permanent stain or discolouration - we show it to you in the Bait Shop. The only secrets we keep here is where the pirate treasure is buried.

Spots happen: some of our completely new products have tiny flaws and discolouration that most may not even notice. Because we care about getting you THE BEST coastal apparel - we'd feel like lying pirates if we didn't come clean.

Lastly, products that are just AWESOME and on SALE. Because we love you more than a seagull loves french fries. 

To keep Bait Shop prices as low as the Bay of Fundy tides, lucky scavengers will still be charged HST + SHIPPING.

All Bait Shop sales are final.  


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