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Introducing the Seven Seas Collection – inspired by that childlike wonder, the golden age of piracy, and the sands of time. 

This stunning and unique collection features a number of beautiful 14k gold-filled chains and pendants in various lengths to choose from, including two gold-plated Pirate’s Coin Gold Medallions that I like to imagine just washed up from a shipwreck a sea. 

This collection is your invitation to treat yourself to a little golden sparkle this holiday season; no plundering or swashbuckling is required.

Or you can share with your special someone (or Santa). I’d be happy to help them pick out a beautiful piece from the collection just for you. 

The Seven Seas Collection is the perfect gift for anyone who dreams of adventure at sea and for the love of your life, for whom you’d give up all of the treasure in the seven seas.

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